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> May 2nd 8pm, Cambridge Queen's Head (Lockers' Common), Beer with
> Professors, please RSVP by April 30th.
>    1st Beer with Professors of the year, featuring Prof. Adam Cohen, *Ass=
> Professor of     Chemistry and Chemical Biology and of Physics,**PhD 2003,
> Cambridge; PhD 2006, Stanford.***
> "Adam Cohen's research focuses on developing and applying new tools to
> probe the physical properties of complex molecules.  He invented an
> Anti-Brownian Electrokinetic trap (ABEL trap) capable of trapping and
> manipulating individual fluorescent molecules in solution at room
> temperature.  The ABEL trap uses high-speed fluorescence microscopy to tr=
> the Brownian motion of a single fluorescent molecule.  A feedback circuit
> applies carefully timed electric fields to the solution to induce an
> electrokinetic drift cancels the Brownian motion.     Current research in
> the Cohen Lab focuses on application of the ABEL trap to biomolecular
> systems, as well as the development of new tools and method for probing w=
> protein-protein interactions and ultrafast dynamics of molecules inside of
> cells.
> "http://www2.lsdiv.harvard.edu/labs/cohen/
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