[Premed-talk] Teach for Sangeet Music School!

Samita Mohanasundaram smohanas at college.harvard.edu
Sun Sep 18 22:03:10 EDT 2011

Do you play a South Asian instrument? Or dance?
*Apply to teach for the Sangeet Music School this semester!*
*Questions? Contact: samitamohan at gmail.com*

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out

Sangeet Music School

Harvard Sangeet is excited to introduce music & dance classes this year! We
would love for you to teach. Please fill out the below form regarding your
teaching preferences. All classes will be running weekly on Sunday
afternoons/evenings this semester. Contact: samitamohan at gmail.com with any

 What type of instrument/signing/dance form are you interested in teaching?

 How long will your class be? *

   - 30 mins
   - 60 mins
   - Other:

 How many classes do you want to teach each Sunday? *

   - 1 class/week
   - 2 classes/week
   - Other:

 What time will you be willing teach? (All classes run on Sundays) *

   - 2:00pm
   - 2:30pm
   - 3:00pm
   - 3:30pm
   - 4:00pm
   - 4:30pm
   - 5:00pm
   - 5:30pm
   - 6:00pm
   - 6:30pm
   - 7:00pm
   - 7:30pm
   - Other:

 Any other comments? *

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