[Premed-talk] Selling Chem 17, Ec10, OEB53, Stat100/104, HEB 1421 textbooks

Helen Yang hxyang at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 5 17:21:45 EDT 2011

like title said! prices are cheaper than Amazon

   - Chem 17 thick textbook- practically brand new- $95
   - Introduction to the Practice of Statistics 5th edition- Moore and
   McCabe (an older edition)-hardcover and in great condition- $30
   - Evolution latest edition- Futyuma- hardcover and almost untouched- $85
   - HEB 1421 Teeth textbook- Dental Anthropology by Hillson- hardcover,
   like new- $45
   - Principles of Economics 5th edition- Brand new, hardcover, AUTOGRAPHED
   by Professor Mankiw himself from last year- $170- the money will go to
   Harvard ChinaCare to sponsor an orphan's cleft palate surgery
   - MCAT High-Yield problem solving guide- brand new- $5

FREE: 2 bottles of 5-hour energy

Helen X. Yang
Harvard College Class of 2012
A.B. Candidate in History and Science
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