[Premed-talk] Love Your Body Day!

Sarah Mumanachit smumanachit at college.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 17 19:19:25 EDT 2011

***Tuesday, OCTOBER 18th!*
*7-9 PM, Ticknor Lounge*
Enter a raffle for a *FREE MASSAGE*, a lunch at Darwin's, JP Licks gift
cards, *Body Shop* goodies, and other treats!
Enjoy delicious free food, Boloco, JP Licks, and tea!
*Write your own ECHO poster!*
*Buy a rockin' "Love Your Body"* t-shirt!
Try out molding clay on a wheel!

* Yoga!  ... 7:30-8:00*
*Mindfulness and relaxation exercises ... 8:00-8:30*
 "*Killing Us Softly*," a film about *body image* in advertising ... 8:30-9

*Love Your Body Day* is a national event aimed at promoting healthy body image.
Sponsored here at Harvard by* ECHO *(Eating Concerns Hotline and Outreach)
during *"love your body, love your mind" week* , it's an opportunity to *
celebrate* and appreciate our bodies as they are and to acknowledge the
beauty and *natural* diversity of all body shapes and sizes.  *LYBD* is a
chance to think about what it means to care for your body and to actually do
Love yourself, support your friends, and contribute to making Harvard a
healthier place by participating

See you all on Tuesday night!


Sarah Mumanachit
Harvard College, Class of 2013
Degree Candidate in Neurobiology
smumanachit at college.harvard.edu
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