[Premed-talk] Mind & Body: Health in the Asian-American Community

Dennis Zheng dzheng12 at college.harvard.edu
Sun Nov 13 12:27:50 EST 2011

*The Asian American Brotherhood presents...*
Mind and Body:
A TED-style Symposium on
Health in the Asian-American Community

Monday, Nov. 14
8 p.m.
Fong Auditorium & Ticknor Lounge

What kinds of diseases are Asian-Americans especially prone to? What effect
does East Asian culture have on the Asian-American view, treatment, and
susceptibility to mental health issues? How do ancient Asian medicinal
practices that are rooted in tradition exist and interact with the modern
medicine of today? Join *AAB*, Harvard's *Team HBV*, Massachusetts General
Hospital's Dr. Rohit Chandra, and MIT's Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai in
exciting discussions related to Asian-American health in Boylston Hall's
Fong Auditorium, followed by a reception afterwards in Ticknor Lounge next
door. The reception will include juices, Chobani greek yogurt, pita chips,
and other healthy foods!

*A part of Asian American Awareness
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