[Premed-talk] Take Chichewa this spring!

Marguerite Thorp mthorp at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 25 18:26:39 EST 2010

Hey everyone!  I hope you're all feeling back in the swing of things.

I'm writing to (somewhat desperately) ask if anyone out there is interested
in taking Chichewa with me this spring.  Chichewa is the national language
of Malawi (and is quite similar to languages spoken in neighboring
countries, especially Zambia).  The work load for the class is *extremely*
light -- you meet twice a week for one hour each, and not only is the
instructor an incredibly awesome native speaker, s/he usually isn't very
demanding... at all.  It would make for a terrific 5th class!  (Or a great
senior spring class.... or a great class if you've got 3 other really hard
ones.... you get the picture.)

If you have any interest whatsoever in Malawi, please please please consider
enrolling in the course.  I'm begging because there need to be 3 students in
the course for it to be offered, and the course will be absolutely crucial
to my thesis research in Malawi this summer.  Even if you haven't yet
established a strong interest in Malawi, I hope you'll consider it if you
have any interest in traveling to Africa: Malawi is a fantastic first
destination, and there is a wealth of different opportunities there for
college students in the form of medical/NGO/charity/faith-based work.

Last but not least, if someone else you know might be interested in taking
this, PLEASE forward this on to them and/or have them contact me.  Thank you
so much and good luck with all of your shopping weeks!

thank you,

Marguerite Thorp
(303) 718 - 4117
margie.thorp at gmail.com
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