[Premed-talk] "Step Up” and make a difference in the lives of others!

Sarah Maxwell smaxwell at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 24 16:12:47 EST 2010

> *"Step Up” and make a difference in the lives of others! *
> *The Marshall After School Enrichment Program** is a new after school
> program at one of the lowest achieving elementary schools in Boston (as
> identified by Mayor Menino). *
> *Now is your chance to get involved and help kids who do not have the
> opportunities that all children deserve in a program full of resources to
> truly make a difference. *
> *Learn from the Harvard Achievement Support Initiative for cutting edge
> methods for child development and mentoring.  *
> *We are looking for passionate, creative, fun, and dedicated people who
> love working with children to come to Dorchester on Thursdays.*
> *Interested? *
> *Email Sarah and Carla at marshallafterschoolprogram at gmail.com or check out
> our website and apply online at
> http://programs.pbha.org/masep/important-information-and-links/*

> *Our Mission: *
> **
> *
> The Marshall After School Program is an exciting new program addressing the
> great need of academic support at the John Marshall Elementary School in
> Dorchester, MA. After Mayor Menino began the "Step Up Initiative" and
> identified the Marshall School as one of the lowest achieving schools in
> Boston, our program began as a pilot program in the spring '08. We help at
> risk and low achieving students succeed academically– with an emphasis on
> reading and writing comprehension – by closely working with students on
> their homework. The program also provides an engaging mentoring component,
> in which the students will develop strong relationships with other
> volunteers in the program. As our program resides directly within the
> school, we have access to teachers who are responsible for their day-to-day
> learning. The program collaborates with the Harvard Achievement Support
> Initiative, which not only provides us additional trainings on child
> development, but also many valuable learning resources and support.
> *
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