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HPS Unofficial Guide Application

Are you a premed? Are you looking for an chance to investigate what it  
takes and means to be pre-med at Harvard? Do you want to share your  
experiences and insights with fellow premeds in the most-read pre-med  
publication on campus?

If so, apply to be an HPS unofficial guide writer! Now in our third year,  
we are an online resource for all pre-medical students providing helpful  
information from finding a research lab to unraveling the intricacies of  
medical school applications. Check us out at  

If you would like to write for the guide, please fill out the application  
before Friday, February 19th at 6pm.

Chi Zhang and Helen Yang
HPS Unofficial Guide Editors

Name *

Year *

Concentration (if known)

House/Dorm *

Hobbies/Extracurriculars *

Previous Writing Experience *

What made you decide to be a premed? * Please be succinct, 100 words or  

Please submit a writing sample * Fewer than 300 words would be optimal

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