[Premed-talk] What's so bad about death panels?

Lauren White lwhite at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 9 16:56:16 EDT 2009

*Saturday Oct. 10th *

*What's So Bad About Death Panels?*

--*The Ethics of Current Health Care Reform--*

*A Moderated Discussion*

Co-hosted by the Harvard Undergraduate Bioethics Society and the IOP Special
Events Committee

Moderated by

Dan Brock

*Director of the Harvard University Program in Ethics and Health*

Should health care be a right? Should we be afraid of rationing health? What
is wrong with unequal care? Join us in a discussion of the ethical issues
surrounding the current health care reforms. Saturday's discussion (with
Professor Brock) will focus on the ethical issues of health care in general.


*Adams Lower Common Room (by dining hall)

2:00 - 3:30 PM*

*Refreshments will be Provided*


Also, Join Us Next Tuesday for a Follow Up Discussion on
 Healthcare Policy!

For more information contact:
lwhite at fas.harvard.edu
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