[Parentsgroup-list] New Year's Resolutions - and FINAL LISTSERV EMAIL

David Romney dromney at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Jan 26 09:37:10 EST 2021

Dear Student-Parents,

With my most enthusiastic email voice, I wish you all a lift as the new
year and the spring term gesture to a softer world just around the bend.
Here at HGSPO, I have a couple of new year’s resolutions that I want to

First up, I resolve that **this will be my last email blast on our
listserv*  Please take a moment to register on Engage
<https://harvardgsas.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/hgspo>. *This is
bitter-sweet because it was never *just* a listserv, but baby-HGSPO.  Our
listserv is the work of all of our founding government members, whose
advocacy and service has benefitted our community in immeasurable ways. We
won’t forget you.

Secondly, I resolve to ** grow our governing body** Our beloved former
presidents, Blakely and David, have defended, and graduated, and left an
enduring legacy that I am honored to continue. But *we desperately need
volunteers* ! I know we are the *last* group of people who has a minute to
spare, but the more we are, the lighter the load! And it doesn’t hurt that
this is the kind of service which glitters on a resumé. Yes, do this also
for that !

Our work is important, uplifting, fun-  Let’s relive some of the amazing
moments we were able to pull off so far during *this* of all years :

·      Our September Life-Hacks Student panel left us connected, and
energized (I can still feel the love when I close my eyes - no

·      Our care.com benefit is helping families figure out emergency
child-care solutions when we never needed them more.

·      Our cherished Fall Family Photos is a tradition that endured even
during coronatopia.

·      Our live Holiday pottery zoom event brought our children together to
paint ceramic ornaments on a Winter’s afternoon.

·      Our bi-annual advocacy survey is being updated and vetted for spring
release, with generous administrative support across campus.

·      Our live spring family music event is in the works.

·      Our forum on Social Media has never been more important to offer
connection to a community now spread far and wide during the pandemic.

I promise we will have fun, we will dream big, yet be ultra-efficient, and
we will be flexible.  Babies are welcome to meetings ! So are partners!  DM
me – kostur at g.harvard.edu.

Please please please consider joining our team 💜

With gratitude,


Lisa Kostur (she/hers)
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