[Parentsgroup-list] Opening in Longwood-area family daycare

Kotlar, Bethany C bkotlar at hsph.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 19 12:12:26 EST 2020

My son's wonderful family daycare provider, Ellen Moore, has openings in her daycare located on Worthington Street right across from HSPH, Countway, and HMS starting in the Fall. She accepts children from ages 1 to 5 and provides care for 4 days a week. She is open to part-time schedules. I can't say enough good things about her or her model of care. She's been doing this for over 30 years (babies of grown-up children she cared for are now returning to "Ellen's House"). She is calm, kind, whimsical, and very fun to be around. Children adore her. Her gentle guidance made a world of difference for our head-strong two year old, and I am constantly learning tips and tricks from her. She does outings to the zoo, the beach in the summer, and local parks. All food and diapers are provided by her as well as swimsuits, mudclothes, or spare clothes if there's an accident. Her home has been retro-fitted into a kids paradise complete with a full-size play house, a ball pit, multiple slides, and a real live teacup ride in the little back yard. It's a tight-knit little group, as she only has 4-5 children there a day.

Her Care.com profile can be found here: https://www.care.com/b/l/ellen-moore-s-child-care/boston-ma

If anyone would like to talk about our experience I'm happy to and can be reached at bkotlar at hsph.harvard.edu.

Bethany Kotlar, MPH, PMP

Program Manager

Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Office: 617-432-3759

Cell: 617-835-7949

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