[Parentsgroup-list] Incredible (part time) Nanny available

Emanuel, Natalia emanuel at g.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 21 09:23:21 EDT 2020

Dear community members,

Our nanny is available for part-time/occasional nannying starting this
September and I can't recommend her highly enough! We are so sad she
doesn't have the time to work full time for us anymore, but she will be a
boon to any family.

*Our experience: *Vicky has been with us for a year -- since our son was 2
months old. During that time she cared for our son and another youngster.

*Influence: *She is deeply loving, engraining joyful respect in the
children from the beginning. She managed to teach a 12- and 18-month old
how to share, ask each other to borrow toys(!), clean up after themselves,
not throw food on the floor, and express affection for one another. And she
did this in a stress-free, playful way. She is totally unflappable and can
take anything that youngsters throw her way. Pretty much Mary Poppins, in
my book.

*Number/Age of Children*: I've seen Vicky handle two one-year-olds this
past year. One of her references came from a family of four middle- to
high-school kids, so she can handle any age range and quite a number of
children. She is from a family of seven kids.

*Logistics: *Vicky does not know how to drive; she lives in the Brighton
area. She can do 10-20 hours/week.

Please feel free to reach out to her directly at plasenciamv at gmail.com. I
am happy to be a reference if you have any specific questions.

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