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Hello Parents,

A former colleague of mine passed along information about an App called Abound
Parenting <https://aboundparenting.com/download-the-app/>which is free for
one year if you download in October (link here

The app gives busy parents tips and conversation starters to help build
early literacy skills and links to library book recommendations, targeting
parents of children 0-6.

I have nothing to gain personally from parents downloading the app-- just
wanted to share a (currently) free resource that I think can be very
valuable for many of us busy parents of young children!

Best regards,

Abound Parenting


Deliver lifelong benefits with a few minutes each day.

Parents and caregivers of young children, we designed this for you. The
Abound Parenting app is a tool to empower you in building all the crucial
early reading skills your child (between the ages of 3-6) needs to become a
successful reader and critical thinker. No more unhealthy screen time for
your child. No more guessing as to whether your child is learning. We give
you quick, engaging, and research-backed conversations, activities, and
learning moments, that build both early skills and connections.

All of our tips, activities, and conversations are written by experts to
encourage the learning of crucial early letters and sounds, vocabulary and
knowledge, and awareness and regulation skills over time. Meanwhile, this
content is carefully designed, so that it's easy and simple for you to
integrate into your busy day.


- The only solution that empowers you to build all the crucial skills your
child needs to become a strong reader set up for school success

- Receive hundreds of daily tips, conversations, and activities, designed
by experts to help you build crucial early reading and critical thinking

- Access a rich library of book and vocabulary recommendations based on
your child's age and learning to read stage

- Create and view simple and customized learning profiles for each of your
children between the ages of 3-6

- Capture and share precious saved memories involving you and your child

- Record your child's learning progress via milestones based on state and
nation-wide early learning standards

- Easily share your child's learning progress with teachers and caregivers

View your child's learning profile and visualize their progress

- Get a simple, clear, snapshot of how your child’s developing crucial
early language, literacy, and social and emotional skills

- Track and record your child’s learning progress against milestones based
on state and nation-wide early learning standards

- Access easy to read summaries of the latest early language and literacy
development research

Teach your child via powerful learning moments that take minutes

- Receive daily 3-7 minute conversations and activities that are fun,
interesting, and build crucial literacy and critical thinking skills

- Customize preferences to engage in conversations at the times most
convenient for you and your child

- All of our learning content is designed to integrate into your busy day –
whether it be over dinner, or during the daily commute to daycare

Receive a research-backed learning program customized to your child's
learning needs

- It’s all part of a plan – our content is personalized to the needs of
your child and grounded in the science of early language and literacy

- Receive tactical them-based activities that build your child’s knowledge
of letters and spelling, vocabulary, conceptual thinking skills, and social
and emotional skills

Access a rich database of book recommendations and knowledge-building

- Access a collection of book activities and recommendations personalized
to the learning needs of your child

- Have at your fingertips hundreds of fun and easy conversations that build
early critical thinking skills

Capture and share precious moments with family and friends

- Record funny quotes, interesting comments, and personal reflections
around learning moments with your child

- Easily share captured moments with family members and friends


Abound Parenting is a group of educators, early language and literacy
experts, designers, and engineers, all united around the mission of
improving worldwide literacy outcomes through the empowerment of parents.
To learn more visit https://aboundparenting.com/about/.


Rachel B. Slama, Ed.D.
Phone: 617.396.6603
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