[Parentsgroup-list] Fantastic nanny available

Debruyn Rubio, Deirdre Anne debruyn at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jul 26 10:34:46 EDT 2019

Our younger daughter will be starting preschool in the fall and so our fantastic nanny Andrea is looking for a new family to work with starting  September 10th. She is looking for full time (45+ hours a week). Andrea has been with us since January 2018 and started caring for my younger daughter when she was 6 weeks old. She has a natural instinct with babies and calm but fun demeanor that babies and kids love. Our daughter lights up when she walks into our house and I feel very confident that our baby is safe and well cared for. Andrea is excellent at getting her to nap, keeps her on a schedule, makes her lunch and dinner, and is careful to write everything down so we know what has happened that day. She is great at communicating with us and is a native Spanish speaker who speaks flawless English. She is also CPR certified.

Andrea also takes care of our older daughter, who is six, when she is home from school. She is amazing with toddlers and older kids and is great at taking our daughters to the park, the library, the aquarium, the Science Museum, etc. She has no problem planning activities and outings and is totally comfortable taking both the baby and our six year old to museums and parks. She is social and makes friends with other nannies easily. Our younger daughter has a whole host of "baby friends" that she made at the park, with Andrea. She is happy to arrange for play dates and can easily handle multiple children.

Andrea has also worked for a few other families in the area, some with very young babies, some with toddlers. They all tell us that she is just fantastic with their children, a real natural. We think she is a gem.

She doesn't drive so she would need to take the T or the bus to work.

Her number is 857 230 8096

I am more than happy to talk more about her on the phone or in person.


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