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Dear Student Parents,

I know a lot of us have supported the Union by voting for it, but
unfortunately there is ZERO committee representation for student-parents'
interests. To remedy this, I reached out to the organizers.

I learned there is not a single student parent on the bargaining
committee.  Therefore, we can't just assume our interests are being
represented. I know a lot of us are extremely busy with our kids and other
responsibilities, but I think it's imperative we consider voicing our
concerns (again) in the CRUCIAL bargaining meetings taking place this fall.

The Union committee has been very eager to hear from more student-parents,
so please see Aaron's emails below and reach out to him directly if you
would like to give a testimony.

In solidarity,


ps. make sure to sign the petition below too!

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From: Aaron Bekemeyer <aaronbek at gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 3:32 PM
Subject: Briefing Part 2: Seeking Testimonials

Hi organizers,

We have one additional item this week, an *open call *from the Bargaining
and Organizing committees *to hear student workers' personal stories of how
Harvard's policies & practices around issues of discrimination and
harassment have failed them.* Given that Harvard's current negotiating
position is that discrimination and harassment should not be "grievable"
under the union grievance procedure, we are especially interested in
stories relating to the failure of Title IX, diversity, and other internal
offices in resolving these issues and supporting student workers.

We are looking for:
a) student workers who can tell their stories *in person* at the bargaining
session on December 3rd
b) student workers who can submit signed testimonials that we can *read out
loud* at the bargaining session on December 3rd
c) student workers who can submit *anonymous testimonials* that we can read
out loud at the bargaining session on December 3rd

Student workers who are potentially interested in sharing their stories can
sign up to talk to a #TimesUp committee member *using this form*

In solidarity,

On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 2:11 PM Aaron Bekemeyer <aaronbek at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi organizers,
> A week ago today, the Bargaining Committee held their 2nd meeting with the
> administration. Admin continues to respond with dismissiveness and
> counter-proposals that don't build in the protections against
> discrimination, harassment, and bullying that we need. Our task now is to *educate
> *student workers across campus and to *build our power* to win a strong
> contract as soon as possible. For details on how we're doing that, read on!
> *Action Items*
>    - *PETITION! <http://harvardgradunion.org/contract-now/> *Admin has
>    yet to agree to meet with us for enough time to negotiate a strong contract
>    in a timely manner. So we spent the last week laying the ground work for a
>    petition calling for more bargaining time, establishing or strengthening
>    leadership in *every department and program*. This week, *the petition
>    goes live*. It's time to get a majority of our unit on this petition
>    to show admin that people are paying attention and willing to take action
>    to move negotiations forward.
>    - *If you haven't signed yet, add your name now! *
>       - *Talk to student workers in your department*. Petition signatures
>       are an inherently valuable signal to admin, but they should also represent
>       one-on-one conversations we have with our fellow student-workers. Our task
>       is to educate folks on where we're at, connect the issues they care about
>       to the bargaining process, and explain how important democratic engagement
>       is to winning a strong #ContractNow.
>       - *OC MEETING:* Join us tonight (at *5:45 PM* this week), and if
>    you don't know where we meet, ask me! We'll continue to discuss the
>    petition and strategies for getting a majority of members to sign it.
>    - *TRAININGS: *If you're interested in learning more about the
>    petition and organizing in general, join us after tonight's OC meeting for
>    an *organizing training at 7pm*. RSVP here
>    <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScOSMylrTdltWL4DRSMRrSSAeDCwiQ8oUfCZca0XyK4diTVZA/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=0>
>    .
>    - *SPLIT FIFTHS:* If you or anyone in your department is teaching
>    split fifths (i.e., one section each for different classes), please contact
>    Ege Y (egeyumusak at gmail.com), who's tracking this for bargaining
>    purposes.
>    - *STAFF:* You can join! We are still looking for 4 paid 20 hour/week
>    staff organizers, as well as for 40h/week staff organizers. Please contact
>    jgilbert at uaw.net if you or anyone you know is interested. If you have
>    any questions about the position, feel free to reach out to current staff
>    members like Hannah (hannah.ozmun at gmail.com), Lisa (lisa.l.xu at gmail.com),
>    Camille (camille.traslavina at gmail.com), or Belle (bcheves at gmail.com).
> *Committees*
>    - *Communications*: If you’re good at Facebook and/or Twitter, have
>    ideas about how to improve our website, or generally love communications
>    and media, we need you! Email Lisa (lisa.l.xu at gmail.com) to get on our
>    team.
>    - *Civil & Human Rights*: Email hgsu.chrc at gmail.com to get in touch.
>    - *International Scholars Working Group*: Please contact Fan-Yun (
>    flan at g.harvard.edu) for more information.
>    - *Mental Health & Academic Life*: Contact Erik (ebaker at g.harvard.edu)
>    or hgsumentalhealth at gmail.com to learn more.
>    - *Time’s Up*: If you want to organize more directly on issues related
>    to gender- & sex-based discrimination, harassment and assault, contact the
>    Time’s Up Committee organizers. We are working on projects such as building
>    a campus-wide action network, researching contract provisions and existing
>    practices, and creating educational resources. To get involved, contact
>    harvardtimesup at gmail.com
> *Around Town*
>    - In solidarity with striking Unite Here Local 26 workers at several
>    Marriott hotels downtown, HGSU-UAW and SLAM are putting on a *Teach-In
>    *this *Thursday, Nov 15, *at *4:30-6PM *in the *Phillips Brooks House
>    Association (PBHA) Parlor Room*, located in the northwest corner of
>    the Yard. Please RSVP on the Facebook event
>    <https://www.facebook.com/events/525817084554807/> and invite your
>    friends!
>    - If you haven't done so yet, make a *pledge* not to cross the picket
>    line at Marriott hotels and to call on Harvard to do the same:
>    onejob.org/Harvard
>    - *Boston College* is refusing to negotiate with the BC grad student
>    union. Consider signing their petition
>    <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScVMim2NWioCwu37ssv7y937vg4xuNbKu_JTabcXdRaYwflYw/viewform> as
>    a community/union ally to call on the BC administration to respect their
>    right to bargain.
> *Shout-outs to:*
>    - All department leaders who signed the bargaining time petition!
>    - Lisa X for working hard on button designs.
>    - Belle C and Tim B for attending the Greater Boston Labor Council's
>    honoring of Marty Walsh this past Friday.
>    - Erik B for joining staff!
> See you tonight at OC!
> In solidarity,
> Aaron
> --
> Aaron Bekemeyer
> Ph.D. candidate, Harvard University
> Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan 2013
> University of Michigan 2012

Aaron Bekemeyer
Ph.D. candidate, Harvard University
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan 2013
University of Michigan 2012

PhD Student
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Harvard University
6 Divinity Ave, Room 106. Cambridge, MA 02138
felsharif at g.harvard.edu | 510-779-8818
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