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David Romney david.a.romney at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 21:09:37 EST 2017

Hi all,

My daughter is in the public preschool program at Baldwin, and one of the
other parents at the school is involved in efforts to get changing tables
installed at restrooms in public schools. If you are interested in this,
you can read what I've pasted below and follow the link to take a short

David Romney

After success working with administration for a changing table to be
installed in Baldwin School's visitor's bathroom (see end note), I am
bringing my advocacy for family accommodations in school bathrooms to the
district level. Family engagement is part of learning, and a welcoming
environment for families and other members of the public means ensuring
minimum standards for our facilities. A baby changing table and a step
stool in a bathroom on site so siblings and youngest students can wash
hands independently is an important first step. I welcome ideas and

Please help by completing this anonymous one-question poll:
"Do you think the district should ensure that there is a safe changing
table, stepstool, i.e. a family friendly bathroom in every school?" There
are 4 response choices.

I testified about this need at last Thursday's Building and Grounds
Subcommittee Meeting.
Agenda Item #2, Family Accommodations in Bathrooms, is 1:16-1:28.
You might like to listen to what was said during this time to know the
official status of this issue. I can supply background on my efforts to
date by request. One complaint was that I was the only parent who had ever
raised this issue. I argue that the need is self-evident and that disparity
across the district on this point can be remedied at relatively low cost.

Per an email reply to me after I followed up after the meeting, Chair of
Subcommittee School Committee member Manikka Bowman states: "The staff will
come back with cost recommendations for this at our next meeting which
hasn't been scheduled yet. We will discuss this in the context of our
overall facilities needs and make a decision regarding this based on
priority of needs and direct impact to CPS students. I'll let you know when
the next meeting is scheduled."

Please share this poll with other Cambridge voters so there is data for
these decision-makers.

Robin Chen
Parent, Baldwin and MLKJr schools, formerly Graham&Parks and Peabody Schools

PS At http://pub.lucidpress.com/baldwin_10_30_2017/
is Baldwin Broadside from October, edited by the school's Family Liaison,
where, front page, bottom, with picture, it reads:

"Thank you to Special Start parent Robin Chen! Robin advocated for a
changing table at the Baldwin. Last week the facilities department came and
installed a changing table in the Baldwin visitor's bathroom on the first
floor! Our school community owes you a debt of gratitude for your steadfast
dedication to help make this a priority. Robin not only rallied the School
Committee and the Chief Operating Officer's office for installation at the
Baldwin School, but for all CPSbuildings. The Cambridge Public School
families thank you for your efforts to improve our schools!"
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