[Parentsgroup-list] Spanish speaking nanny/babysitter resommendation

Leshchiner, Elizaveta S eleshch at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 12 22:29:19 EDT 2016

Dear parents,

If you know by any chance, could you please recommend a part-time nanny/babysitter, who might be available for certain days in the summer, and then perhaps continue with us part-time during the school year? Our kids are relatively grown up (8 y.o.), so they don't need much supervision; however we would really like the nanny to speak Spanish with them. Please email me if you know someone who might be interested - thank you very much!

In addition, we're also looking for house cleaning help - if you have anyone you could recommend, that would be very highly appreciated too. We've used a cleaning company for quite some time now, but the real downside is that they keep changing the cleaning professionals who come in, I would much rather have the same person all the time. Thanks for any suggestions!

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