[Parentsgroup-list] Harvard Research Studies for Children and Adolescents

David Romney dromney at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Feb 26 11:15:15 EST 2016

The Affective Neuroscience and Development lab at Harvard has a research
opportunity for 4-17 year-olds, and we wanted to pass it along to the
listserv in case anyone is interested:

Text for Ad:
*Do you have a child between 4 and 17 years old?*
*4-17 year olds can earn cash by participating in research at Harvard!*

The Affective Neuroscience and Development Lab at Harvard welcomes
interested children and teens to participate in research this fall! Our
research is focused on understanding emotional development, such as social
behavior, decision-making, motivation, and risk-taking.

Choose from different studies where your child can:
• Play computer games alone or with a friend
• Do an MRI scan and get a picture of their brain
• Answer surveys about how they think and feel

Interested? Give us a call at 617.496.5447 or email us at andl at g.harvard.edu
<andl at fas.harvard.edu>.

*Participation is voluntary and parent permission is required. All research
takes place under the supervision of Professor Leah Somerville at the
Harvard University Department of Psychology 52 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA

David Romney
PhD Candidate, Department of Government, Harvard University
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