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Nathanael Aschenbrenner aschenbrenner at fas.harvard.edu
Wed May 20 21:51:41 EDT 2015

My wife and I are moving to DC and so our daycare provider, Kaniz Fatima,
has a part-time opening for a child 18 months and up in the small daycare
(3 to 5 kids with a morning helper) she runs near Porter Square starting at
the end of June. We highly recommend Kaniz. Our son has been going to her
house for a year now and she has been terrific with him, helping him to
adapt to his first daycare environment.

Kaniz provides a warm, personal and attentive atmosphere for the kids. When
they are not playing at home, she takes them to do crafts at a local
recreation center, has picnics in the local park several blocks away, and
takes them to storytime at a nearby bookstore and Jeffjam singalongs. Kaniz
also provides breakfast and lunch, cooking healthy and homemade snacks and
meals (fruit, homemade bread, lentils and rice, chicken, etc.) for the kids
during the day. She often texts us pictures during the day of our son
playing and sharing with the other children and sends him home with a brief
"report" on their meals and activities for the day. We have been incredibly
fortunate to have found Kaniz and I know she'll be a godsend to some new
family out there.

Please contact me if you'd like any further information. I'm also happy to
put you in touch with some of the other parents for additional perspectives.

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