[Parentsgroup-list] Free Phil & Teds double stroller (need to be fixed)

Chinghsin Wu chinghsin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 00:56:24 EDT 2014

We are going to put our two-year-old Phil & Teds double stroller
(navigator) on the tent on Prescott Street (between Harvard st and Broadway
st) today (June 25) around noon time.

We have rain cover, UV sun cover, and a cocoon that you can put newborn on
the back before she/he can sit up. See
We have used it for two years. We don't have pets. It is a little broken
(one of the frame) thus you have to either weld the broken part on the left
or just buy a new frame from their website and replace it.

If you are interested in taking it and would like to take it directly from
us, please email me before noon. Otherwise, we will put everything in the
tent and see if anyone might want it.

Chinghsin Wu
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