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Hello parents

We've been at Oxford Street since the fall of 2010 and we love it.  Here is what we've seen of the admissions process.  In about March or April the center asks current families to confirm their plans for the fall (the contract year runs from late August to late August).  After they know how many spaces will be taken by kids who are staying and by incoming siblings, then in about May they are able to start contacting families who are on the waitlist.  

Things do continue to shift around a little over the summer (parents who planned to stay get a job somewhere else and move, that sort of thing).  We got lucky with this - we arrived in Cambridge in August with no childcare plans and happened to arrive just at the moment when another family had vacated a space.  I suspect this isn't typical, but it does happen. 

I think there are 7 children in the infant room, 9 in the toddler room, 9 in the stomper room, and about 16 in the preschool room.  The preschool room has two year groups (roughly age 3-4 and 4-5): this means that each year about half the preschoolers stay on and the stompers move up, so even though there are more kids in the preschool room there aren't necessarily more spaces for new families.  Most kids go for the full day (8.15-5.30) but some kids go only in the morning or the afternoon.  A lot of families do stay on for several years, so in any given year there might be only a small number of spots open in each classroom for new families.  

If you have questions you can certainly call Courtney, the co-director, on 617.547.3175.  She isn't always in the office so leave a message.  I'm sure she will be honest and tell you as much as she can about the process and the waitlist.

We have had a really great experience at Oxford Street with both our kids these last four years and have felt so fortunate to be part of the community there.  The teachers are great, the co-directors are great, and it's been a pleasure to get to know the other families.  I would be happy to talk more off-list with anybody who wants to know more.



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Hi - Regarding the Oxford Street cooperative:
We submitted an application 11/12 (when I was pregnant). We didn't hear
back from the center; (they took our application fee) when we asked about
the waitlist a while later we were told all spots would probably go to
siblings of current children at the coop. It also looks like they have a
contract year starting in the fall, according to their website. I called
recently, curious about the wait list and potential openings as our daycare
situation was changing. I received a voice mail responding to the message I
had left-- but the person who left it was confused as to my name (I was
clear in my message) and had an annoyed tone to her voice. Perhaps this was
a strategy to get me to keep from calling back. If so it worked.

What I will say is it is likely a waste of money to pay an application fee
here. Judging from the number of people at their open house event they make
a decent amount of money from fees that will never resolve in a child
getting in.


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> Hi parents,
> Has anyone attempted to/got a spot in this Center? Thanks a lot!
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