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Hi Cuicui,

Sorry to hear about these issues! Here are a few things that came to my mind, and maybe other parents group members could also comment.

* If you go to Massachusetts Health Connector, you will find multiple different options there, not only Mass Health. My understanding is that Mass Health is a program for low- and moderate income families, that's why they have more stringent eligibility rules. I'm pretty certain that there are plans offered from places like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim etc - these are probably a little bit more expensive, but still I think more or less affordable. In fact, I had used that myself once (but that was before the new healthcare law), and it was about ~$150-200 per month for very good health coverage. Prices probably have changed though, but maybe just calling their customer service would be useful? I'd advise that, here is the link to the website: https://bettermahealthconnector.org/special-enrollment-period/
But it's probably worth trying to do this asap, as all of their plans have eligibility period of 60 days.

* I may be mistaken, but I think that the medical cost of giving birth is paid for from the mother's health plan, so as long as you're insured, it should be fine. So maybe it wouldn't be that much that you potentially would have to pay? Any care the newborn needs though needs to be covered older his/her insurance. Of course it's best to have the insurance for the child, so I would suggest exploring all the possible options.

Let me know if you have any questions, and we can discuss more if you'd like, just send me an email.
Good luck!

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Sorry for the spam.  I’m a new mother with a 7-week-old girl.  I’m now having a problem with enrolling her in health insurance.  If any of you could offer some advice I’d much appreciate it.

I’m on Harvard Student Health Plan, which gives me 30 days from my baby’s date of birth to enroll her as a dependent to my plan.  However due to various reasons I missed the 30 days deadline, and was told by Harvard Health Services that they could not enroll her.  They did suggest me call mass health, which has 60-day deadline.  I did this, but mass health told me since I was not a mass health member, I could not enroll her either.

I’m a bit desperate as her birth-related medical cost would be a large financial burden for me as a graduate student.  Can anyone offer any advice?

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