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Wed Aug 13 09:17:38 EDT 2014

Hi families, 

I am reaching out to families to let them know about the language based playgroups at Imagine Cambridge. Currently there are four (French, Russian, German and Spanish), and based on community interested more can start. 

I am looking for folks interested in a Hindi/Urdu playgroup for kids 0-6 years of age. We need a min. of 4 kids to start the group. 

	* playgroups would meet once a week for an hour the playgroups run for 12 weeks, the next batch will start the week of 16 September (the next batch would start in January) 

	* the cost is $120 for the batch (12 weeks)

	* Imagine Cambridge provides a "themed" space, toys, and crafts - parents/caregivers would provide the "content" (Hindi books, music, conversation). Every 3 weeks Imagine will change the "theme" - for example the current theme is "farms" and the playroom has veggies, a craft, a little store, a book nook, a science investigation table, a CD player and toys for role playing/puppet show 

	* Molly, at Imagine Cambridge is asking interested families to email her at imaginecambridge at gmail.com with the days and times which would work best for your family (7 days a week, 9am-6pm) If you are interested, please contact Molly at Imagine. Also, feel free to spread the word about all the language groups to your contacts, and/or reach out to Imagine if you would like them to organize a playgroup in another language. 

Thanks so much, 


p.s. apologies for any cross-posting 
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