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Rachel B. Rubin rachel_rubin at mail.harvard.edu
Sat Aug 2 13:45:02 EDT 2014

My children's nanny, who has been with us for five years, is currently
looking for a new position. Sadly, we decided to let her go as my kids are
now in school full-time.

There is no way to possibly describe what an amazing nanny she is--her
patience, ease with children, ceaseless energy, and love of children are
absolutely incredible. She has been with us since one of my children was
brought home from the hospital. So she has been with us through the
infancy, toddler, primary school, and middle school years (I have a son who
is almost 14). I have three kids and she could easily sit for them at once,
and is phenomenal with them.

In addition to nannying, she also "manages" my house. She cooks most
dinners, serves them healthy snacks and lunch, cleans my kitchen each day,
tidies around the house, makes all beds, does all laundry, etc. If my
fridge is getting messy and/or dirty (i.e., something spilled), I will open
it the next morning to find that my nanny has completely cleaned it,
without even a request from me. She uses all of the time to the
fullest--thinking of ways to help around the house and ways to teach the
kids as much as possible.

Originally from Central America, her English is wonderful, although I have
requested that she speak to our kids solely in Spanish since infancy, so
that they can grow up bilingual. She can speak in either language to your

She is seeking a new position with a lovely family. While she is extremely
flexible with her hours, she would prefer to have a full-time position. In
addition, depending on the number of kids, she would like (and deserves),

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like her
contact information. You will never find a better nanny.


Rachel B. Rubin, Ed.D.
Presidential Scholar, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Co-Founder, Spark Admissions
Email: rachel_rubin at mail.harvard.edu
Phone: 617.877.0226
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