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I am replying all, since I think this is complex. Health coverage is
generally tricky in the US, and HIO might be able to tell you what others
have chosen. I have gone with HUGHP now that I am a postdoc, and my son is
on my husband's HUSHP insurance.

As an American, I actually think the student health insurance is a great
deal -- it is better than the government insurance I had before I came here
as an elementary school teacher. Here are some thoughts on making a choice:

   - Look at deductibles. For us, all visits at Holyoke Center, including
   x-rays, basic ultrasounds, physical therapy, obgyn, allergist,
   dermatologist, and well child visits / annual exams are free. If you have a
   high deductible, the saving from the cheaper plan will go away quickly if
   you need anything beyond routine care. Ask for information on what is
   covered and what is not of any plan.
    - Consider your family's health needs. My son has severe asthma, so he
   requires a great deal of care (we've used almost all of the services listed
   above). I therefore am willing to pay more upfront to avoid costs later.
   For us, visits to specialists at Children's Hospital, genetic and allergy
   testing, nebulizer rental, etc., have all been covered ($100 per emergency
   room visit that is waived if the child is admitted). Another consideration
   is if you might have another child. I paid $0 out-of-pocket for maternal
   care and childbirth, which is very unusual in the U.S., especially since I
   had a c-section. It's been awhile, but this was not a feature of other
   plans I reviewed.
   - Location also matters. We live very close to Holyoke Center, so that
   is great for us -- others out there hate Holyoke Center for various reasons
   and find the location inconvenient. Different plans give more or less
   access to certain providers, and obviously people place different premiums
   on certain aspects of care. Holyoke has always done the trick for us -- we
   can get there in minutes, we know the pediatricians very well, they always
   fit us in (although that might be the asthma), I love my PC Dr. Starobin,
   and have never had to pay out-of-pocket for anything there. If we only went
   in for the occasional well child visit I might be more inclined to think I
   was paying a lot for what I got.

Good luck!

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> Dear Parents,
> apologies for writing again with my list of questions, but this one is
> particularly important, confusing and...expensive :(
> Please -
> 1)which health plan/insurance company have you chosen for your family?
>  2) School offered plan (in our case at least) is really costly, however
> HIO recommends alternative options. I got in touch with Compass Group and
> received a quote - 3,080 USD for 2 adults and 2 children for a year. This
> is much cheaper and I cannot but to worry whether there is a catch.  Anyone
> has experience with them/Seven Corners?
> 3) Any advice on what type of services should I make sure are covered for
> small children (otherwise healthy)?
> I am completely ignorant in the field as in Europe someone else makes this
> package for you, and international students are covered automatically.
> Thank you. I hope not to bother again soon
> Best to all,
> Selma
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