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How do I get off this list now please?

On 2013-06-18 08:54, Alison Denton Jones wrote:
> Hi Fallon,
> you might try subscribing to the Somerville Moms and/or Somerville
> Families groups, and ask for advice there.There are people on there
> not
> only in Somerville, but the whole area, and they are much more active
> than the parents' list. Actually, try searching the archives on
> Somerville Moms or Cambridge Families - similar questions come up
> frequently!
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cambridgefamilies/
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SomervilleMoms/
> http://www.somervillefamilies.com/home/forums (this is very new)
> best,
> alison
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>>     1. URGENT | Relocation Advice Needed (Fallon Samuels)
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>> Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 17:01:42 -0400
>> From: Fallon Samuels <fsamuels at fas.harvard.edu>
>> Subject: [Parentsgroup-list] URGENT | Relocation Advice Needed
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>> Hi everyone,
>> I'm a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Design in need of
>> advice on where to relocate in the Boston region. After several years
>> in NYC, my husband and I are moving back to the Boston area, with a
>> 2.5 years old in tow. This move was not planned; an on-the-spot job
>> offer today and job start date of July 1 requires that we move ASAP
>> (gotta love the financial services industry). Because our lease is up
>> at the end of the month, we have no choice but to find a place to live
>> in the next 2 weeks (or put our stuff in storage while we crash with
>> family in Boston). Comparatively, we can take our time finding a
>> daycare/preschool in which to enroll our precocious little girl.
>> 1. Can anyone recommend a specific town/city where there is a range
>> of housing and child care options? Anyone know of a 3-bedroom
>> apartment or house for rent? I know the neighborhoods of Boston,
>> Cambridge and Somerville very well, but I left town a single girl not
>> a mom and wife. (FYI: My husband's new job will be based in Framingham
>> (just beyond R. 128), but I'd like to live closer to Boston (within
>> MBTA subway service), but my office will be at Harvard. We have only 1
>> car, so we would prefer to live somewhere more urban than suburban,
>> i.e. within MBTA subway service or in walking distance from a commuter
>> rail station.
>> 2. Would anyone share their list of daycares and
>> preschools--regardless of the starting age cutoff? Does anyone know of
>> an opening in a daycare or preschool that takes kids under 3? A
>> starting point for would be much appreciated; I know of only a few
>> people with children who can recommend daycares and preschools, and
>> their information may not be current since their kids are much older
>> than ours. Last but not least, how does the cost of preschools in
>> Cambridge/Somerville compare to brownstone Brooklyn, where a full day
>> program (e.g. 9-2) runs $1000-$2000 depending on the degree to which
>> public subsidies support the program.
>> Sorry to post such a long set of questions. Clearly I'm overwhelmed.
>> Whatever advice and references you can offer will be greatly
>> appreciated.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Fallon
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>> Fallon Samuels Aidoo
>> Ph.D. Candidate & Teaching Fellow
>> Urban, Science & Technology Studies
>> Harvard University Graduate School of Design
>> fsamuels at fas.harvard.edu
>> www.spaceandpolitics.org
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