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Ana Maria tribin a_tribin at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 9 12:06:46 EDT 2013

Dear community of parents, I have to return to my home country and I want to recommend an amazing nanny that has worked with us  for 4 months. I was looking for a nanny and believe me it is very difficult to find someone great. I had some  nannies and I was not happy with them , I wasn't feeling that they were the perfect ones, and finally  I met Josefina, who has been taking care of my 2 month  old baby (now 6). She  taught  me  several things that I didn't know about the baby. She is like having a mother in your house. The baby is always happy with her. My baby never cries when she is with Josefina and she reads, sings,   plays with the baby. She is amaizing! Also she follows all your intructions about schedule, activities, etc and she  has proposed several activities that were excellent for the baby. She has several recommendations, she has children and grand children. She is very helpful with everything, hard worker, loving and caring. I even asked her if she could go to my home country and continue to work with us, but her family is here in US.We are leaving at the end of july so we want to continue with her until the last day, but starting  from August she is free.
My phone is 4016266044
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