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Ian Stokes-Rees ijstokes at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Aug 13 03:57:50 EDT 2013

On 8/13/13 2:04 AM, Selma Gicevic wrote:
> Dear Parents,
> I need your urgent advice. Any of you have experience with the EL 
> Immersion Program @ Graham and Parks School?
> I am facing problems while trying to have my 6 yrs old son (EL 
> learner) placed in one of 3 preferred schools in Cambridge (we put him 
> on the list back in Feb), and I feel he should be in the Immersion 
> Class in beginning as his English is very limited. Any experiences, 
> please contact me - need your help.

I live 3 houses down from Graham and Parks and two years running my two 
daughters (now 5 and 8) have not been assigned to Graham and Parks.  
CPSD is very strict about their school assignment lottery system.  
Unfortunately I think if your son has not been assigned to Graham and 
Parks there is nothing you will be able to do to make them change their 
minds.  I understand the school assignment/lottery system is changing 
this year to incorporate more "community centered" schools, although I 
don't think the lottery is going away.

However, if you do find a way, please let us all know.  CPSD has great 
variability in the quality of its schools, so unsurprisingly if a family 
ends up with children at one of the poorer performing schools there is a 
"high incentive" to try and get the child transferred/re-assigned to one 
of the better schools.  From what I understand, Graham and Parks, 
Baldwin, and Haggerty are considered the better schools.

While there were many great things about the school our children were at 
last year (not Graham and Parks), the current situation for our family 
is that we're sending our kids to St. Peter School, a private Catholic 
school on Concord, next year.


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