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Ivana Bozic ibozic at math.harvard.edu
Mon May 21 12:27:07 EDT 2012

Dear Karen,

I am puzzled that you mention that my husband accompanying my child  
will not view me walk across the stage. This is in contrast to what  
was explained by Garth McCavana in an e-mail to the Harvard parents  
mailing list, as being current policy:
>  The accompanying parent can then go out and go to the other side of  
> the
> stage to watch his/her spouse receive the degree and then take the
> child back from the graduating parent.

Please let me know what the correct policy is, as I would be very sad  
to make my husband not see me get my diploma so that I could walk with  
my daughter.

On May 21, 2012, at 12:02 PM, Lounsbury, Karen wrote:

> Congratulations!!!
> We have received your information regarding your child(ren) walking  
> with you at Sanders Theater.
> These are a few items to help make the day run smoothly.
> The child(ren) must be accompanied by an adult.
> They (the child and adult) will not need a ticket, as they will not  
> be seated in the hall to see the ceremony.
> The accompanying adult should bring the child(ren) to Sanders  
> Theater. Enter the doors marked for handicap access, use the stairs  
> or elevator to the basement level, and follow the signs to the  
> “green room.”
> The “green room” will open at 11:00am.
> The adult will check in with the staff person in the green room, the  
> adult is required to wait with the child(ren).Your department will  
> be announced in the “green room”. At this time the accompanying  
> adult and child(ren) will be escorted to the hall.
> Please remain in line, your child(ren) will be handed to you (the  
> student) before crossing the stage and must be handed back to the  
> adult after the diploma is awarded.
> To return your child you will exit the doors to your left  
> immediately after exiting the stage.
> While food is not allowed in Sanders Theater it is allowed in the  
> “green room”.
> Carriages, belongings, food and drinks must be left in the green  
> room while the adult and child are entering Sanders, they must be  
> retrieved immediately after retrieving the child.
> Due to the large number of child(ren) the adult accompanying your  
> child will not view you cross the stage. They will not have an  
> opportunity to take pictures. They will hand your child to you and  
> then exit Sanders retrieve your child.
> Viewing of the diploma awarding ceremony will be available in the  
> green room.
> We recommend coordinating a meeting place for the conclusion of the  
> ceremony.
> Congratulations and Best Wishes,
> Karen and Winnie
> GSAS staff
> From: Ivana Bozic [mailto:ibozic at math.harvard.edu]
> Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2012 5:04 PM
> To: Lounsbury, Karen
> Subject: children's diploma
> Graduates name: Ivana Bozic
> Your department: Mathematics
> AM or PhD? PhD
> Number of children: 1
> The children’s name: Lenka Dzunic
> Name of adult: Zoran Dzunic

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