[Parentsgroup-list] Excellent family daycare with available slots!

Nelly Elzayat nme425 at mail.harvard.edu
Thu May 3 12:20:33 EDT 2012

Dear Parents,

I am writing to let you know that starting this May, my daughter's family
daycare will have several empty slots as many of the parents (including us,
soon) will be leaving this summer. The daycare is run by a phenomenal woman
called Judie Jamieson, and she, and her team have made our experience here
great! I should say that I moved to Cambridge from Egypt with no previous
experience or knowledge of how a family daycare works. So, I was a little
scared! :) My now, 3-year-old daughter and I were here alone this year; my
husband could not join us. I know for a fact that I would not have been
able to make it without Judie's support. She is EXTREMELY flexible, and you
only pay for the days when your child actually shows up, not for a month or
even a week in advance. She can also do hourly rates if your child will not
be there for the whole day. More importantly, the kids are SUPER happy
there and wake up excited to be going there. I have to have a one-hour
negotiation session with my daughter every weekend to explain that she will
not be going to Judie's today!

Judie's house (the daycare) is technically in Somerville, but she is on
Dane street, so literally the first block out of Cambridge. You may email
her directly at wishingonastar610 at comcast.net. I would also be more than
happy to answer any questions about my experience with her too. My email is
nelly_elzayat at mail.harvard.edu

Have a great day!


Nelly ElZayat, MA
Harvard Graduate School of Education
M.Ed. 2012 Candidate in International Education Policy
Cell: 1-781-654-7129 USA
Cell: 2-010-6800125  Egypt
nelly_elzayat at mail.harvard.edu
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