[Parentsgroup-list] Pre-school and toddler programme near Longwood

Ian Stokes-Rees ijstokes at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Jun 14 20:10:13 EDT 2012

That sounds like a great pre-school.

While the list is discussing pre-school opportunities in the 
Longwood/Brookline area, I thought I'd mention "University Road 
Pre-School" which is near Washington Square (Beacon and Washington, in 
Brookline).  Both my daughters spent 2 years there and it has been one 
of the best parts of being in Boston for our family.  The woman who runs 
it (for over 20 years, I believe) is professional and caring, and 
creates an amazing learning and growing environment for the 9 kids she 
admits (this coming September, in coming children need to be between 
2y7m and 3y11m on arrival).

They only accept one class every other year, and it is structured very 
much as a pre-school and not day-care program, meaning they follow the 
school calendar.  We adjusted our schedules and got a part-time nanny 
(afternoons) so our children could attend.  If you or your friends have 
young children in the Brookline area, I would highly recommend you speak 
with Joanne Hults <jlw58 at cornell.edu> for more information, or feel free 
to contact me off list.


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