[Parentsgroup-list] Pre-school and toddler programme near Longwood

Suvi Stenback suvi at doctors.org.uk
Tue Jun 12 12:32:15 EDT 2012

Dear all,

As our time at Boston and Harvard is nearing it's end, I
would like to share one of the best experiences that we
have had here. It comes in the form of my daughter's
pre-school called Diane K Trust Center for Early Education
(TCEE) on Beacon Street near Longwood Medical Area (they
will also have a toddler programme from August).
The pre-school is a Jewish pre-school at the reform Temple
Ohabei Shalom. I first walked past this place as I was
worried about sending my daughter to a religiously
affilicated school, but I am sending this e-mail to all of
you encouraging you not to pass by and to consider the
All the basic needs are in place at the school including 
new safe building and private playground etc, but what 
really has made a big impression on me is the ethos of the 
school: Kindness and caring. The children are thought 
through kindness to show respect towards each other and 
the world around them. They are tought to take 
responsibility about their actions and encouraged to help 
each other out. This "philosophy" has spilled into our 
family and I must say, this year I have both received and 
given more help to others than ever before! I am not the 
only one who has has a good experience as the school 
recently won a poll at Brookline Patch.com (Best 
pre-school in Brookline).
More information is at the website Ohabei.org and I know 
the summer programme has still some available spots.

Sincerely Yours,
Suvi Stenback
Ps. We are NOT Jewish

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