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Laura Fariello laurafariello at yahoo.de
Sat Sep 10 23:09:11 EDT 2011

Currently, I am looking for a childcare/nanny and would like to post something in your list. Is there a possibility to post a potential nanny/housekeeping share anywhere?

It would be great to hearing back from you!
Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

P.S The text I would like to post would be the following:

We are looking for a potential full-time nanny share arrangement starting as soon as possible. The detailed setup would still need to be discussed but essentially we would have to divide 30-50 hours weekly between us. We ourselves would need around 20-25 hours. We have a relaxed 8 month old son and we live close to Harvard Square/Harvard Yard. We have identified a potential nanny, which comes highly recommended. She has been working for a few doctor familiesin the Longwood area for the last 10 years. Besides taking care of children (experiencend with newborns, multiples and twins from 0 up to 12 years), she does the household (laundry, cooking, cleaning etc.). Please drop me a line (laurafariello at yahoo.de) if you are interested and I can give you full details. She is available immediately. Alternatively, if you already have a nanny and would like to nanny share, we would also be interested. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!
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