[Parentsgroup-list] Immediate and January 1st openings for toddlers at HBS day care center

Maria Cecilia Acevedo maria_cecilia_acevedo at hksphd.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 2 21:59:05 EDT 2011

Hello parents,

Soldier's Field Park Children's Center at the Harvard Business School has 1
immediate and 1 January slot for a toddler (more or less between 20 and 25
months of age as of today). Both slots are 3/4 time, which means the
schedule would be from 8 am- 3 pm. Parents don't need to be affiliated to
HBS to apply.

Our daugther has been attending the center since September and we can't be
happier with her teachers, her daily activities, the classroom and the
administration. The classroom is big and very bright, has a lot of natural
light and the decoration changes every week, including books at hand for
the children. They have an indoor climbing structure, an age-appropriate
curriculum that includes changing themes as the interests of the children
evolve, and very conveniently for the parents, the center tuition includes
snack and hot lunch. The lunch is prepared in-house by a chef with mostly
organic ingredients and they are happy to cater special requests (i.e.,
vegetarian families).  The food is partly subsidized by the government so
not only the tuition is lower than other Harvard day cares but the
participation in this government program allows them to provide this
nutritious and varied food. I've read the menus and there's no one item
that has been repeated in a month.

The teachers are very warm and always provide us with a report of what our
daugther did during the day, how much she ate and slept, which is kept in
written records. Every day there are different activities set up in the
classroom to make drop-offs easier. The teachers are also super energetic
and take children on daily walks around the beautiful HBS campus.

Please send an e-mail to sfpcc at fas.harvard.edu if interested, and let me
know if you have questions about the Center from a parent perspective.

The Center website is http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~sfpcc/index.htm

Maria, mom to Elena
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