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Please find the recent report of a Child care summit organized recently 
at Harvard that I was invited to attend. Their website also list more 
info and future plans that our forum could potentially benefit from but 
please note some of these do not apply to our 'student' status.

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Subject: 	Child Care Summit: Follow up letter
Date: 	Wed, 2 Mar 2011 13:58:32 -0500
From: 	JCSW Admin Assist <JCSW_AdminAssist at hms.harvard.edu>
To: 	JCSW Admin Assist <JCSW_AdminAssist at hms.harvard.edu>

March 2, 2011

Dear Child Care Summit participant:

The JCSW and the JCSW Programming Subcommittee thank you again for your 
commitment of time, thought, and work at the JCSW Childcare 
Summit:Future Directions on January 25th.It is your individual and 
institutional representation and action that will further the work of 
addressing family/child care issues as central issues that affect the 
successful work and career lives of faculty, staff, and students at HMS, 
HSDM, and its affiliates.

As promised on January 25th, we are forwarding to you the outcomes of 
the four working break out groups at the summit, for your review and 
reflection.Please see our website for more detailed information about 
the summit, its recommendations, and plans for the future: 

*Connections: Identifying models of quality child care that meet needs*

•Gather all affiliated institutions to share information about available 

•Develop an online childcare network to share information amongst parents

•Consider the creation of a family childcare network

•Consider using local resources (trainees and networking) to support a 
family network

*Collaborations: Building childcare information networks across communities*

•Create a consortium of Harvard-wide (including affiliated institutions) 
childcare champions

•Catalogue and share the available educational resources

•Utilize internal “opt-in” child care resources (“childcare mentors”)

*Culture:Creating flexible work culture to support child care needs*

•Engage leaders at many levels in the conversation about flexible work 

•Deploy technology in order to improve flexibility and a diversity of 

•Impact relevant guidelines for funding using HMS as a platform for change

•Reinforce that it doesn't necessarily cost money to change culture

*Commitments:Addressing institutional support for childcare*

•Centralize in a virtual arena the resources that are available at the 
different institutions

•Transparently catalog what others are doing related to childcare

•Find representatives from all affiliates to support and guide a central 
oversight group

•Consider creating a task force to continue overseeing this work

•Appoint a high level administrative LMA-wide person or group in charge 
of family care issues

•Recognize childcare as a workforce development and diversity issue, 
important for recruitment and retention of top talent in all jobs

•Consider flexible work hours and green campus initiative as changing 
work culture

•Collect date and exit interviews to determine how this issue may relate 
to people leaving institutions

•Make childcare affordability flexible

We are energized by the combined efforts of everyone who contributed to 
this work, and will be moving forward in three important ways:

    * Supporting the creation of a consortium of childcare champions
      from the medical and dental institutions
    * Collaborating with the HMS leadership to discuss and consider
      efforts to address childcare issues
    * Creating a JCSW subcommittee that will continue to monitor and
      guide this ongoing work

We are committed to sustaining these efforts through maintaining the 
visible support from leaders and constituents, such as you, in our 
community.We look forward to contacting you in the near future.

With our thanks,

The Joint Committee on the Status of Women at HMS/HSDM

The JCSW Programming Subcommittee,

On behalf of the JCSW Childcare Summit:Future Directions.

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