[Parentsgroup-list] Looking for home daycare recommendations/part-time nanny share + travel tips

Judith Hubbard jhubbard at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 22 14:33:14 EDT 2011


I'm a grad student, and my son is currently 8 months old. At the
moment, I bring him to work with me, but in a couple months we'll need
something more structured, as he becomes more mobile. I'm looking for
recommendations for home daycares in Cambridge -- hopefully close to
where I live, which is on Cambridge Street near Harvard.
Alternatively, I would be interested in a nanny share based in someone
else's home; my home is a 1-bedroom apartment with two adults, two
cats, and a baby, so making space for a nanny would be very difficult.
Any help or advice is appreciated...

Also: any recommendations for airlines/travel tips/advice on how to
deal with jetlag with a baby? My husband and I will probably be flying
to Singapore in September for a week, and plan to bring the baby with


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