[Parentsgroup-list] Will/Guardianship

Ian Stokes-Rees ijstokes at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Jan 24 10:53:52 EST 2011

> Hi Manjari:
> I actually did something quite easy and cheap. I figured our situation
> isn't particularly complicated and I just wanted something in place,
> so I used an online service.
> http://www.legacywriter.com/Wills.asp?src=g5ag1z&gclid=CLzd-f_wy6YCFQty5QodQCe_HQ
> I think I got a few different documents for some $35 or so, including
> a will, some proxies, etc. You do have to find witnesses and norary
> for some documents to be valid/legal. But I found it convenient and
> affordable.
> Yi-wen

If you have a complicated situation and/or the cost of a lawyer (at
least several hundred dollars) is not a problem for you, then you
definitely should find one.  Otherwise you can just write up something
sensible.  There are lots of online templates that will be sufficient.
 I did this for my will and included in it the guardianship of my daughters.


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