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Just to clarify Meredith's very useful point, you can combine these  
outside visits with unlimited visits at HUHS. It's not an either/or  
deal. I take my daughter to HUHS for all routine things (coughs,  
sniffles). I also take her to an outside pediatrician for her yearly  
well visits so that we know someone else (from what I can tell, you  
can do a well visit at HUHS and it doesn't "count" towards your  
outside-HUHS allowed well visits. I did 2 well visits for her 2nd b- 
day and there were no repercussions).  If there were any sort of more  
serious issue and I was at all dissatisfied with the doctors at HUHS  
(which from this thread it sounds as though I might be), I have an  
option ready to go, yet I"m not using up those precious 10 visits on  


On Jan 4, 2011, at 8:39 PM, Meredith Quinn wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I don't have experience with the UHS pediatricians because we have  
> been taking our daughter to an outside pediatrician since she was  
> born.  I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that this is an  
> option with the student health insurance, though it is pricey.  We  
> had been on my husband's insurance, but we continued to take her to  
> the outside pediatrician even after switching to the Harvard student  
> health insurance (her dr. is Jack Maypole at South End Community  
> Health Center -- we adore him).  The insurance plan allows for a  
> certain number of well-child visits each year (corresponding to the  
> Am Academy of Pediatrics recommendations) as well as 10 sick  
> visits.  The copay is high -- $35 -- and, obviously, there is a risk  
> that 10 sick visits is not going to be enough.  It seems like there  
> are some great options at UHS, but going outside is possible as well.
> Meredith
> On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 7:39 PM, Griffin, April Marie <April_Griffin at hms.harvard.edu 
> > wrote:
> Regarding Dr Dorrell... The first few visits I felt she was not  
> confident and was constantly checking her list of things to ask and  
> seemed a little absent.  While she is quick in giving referrals to  
> see specialists, I personally don't feel that comfortable with her.   
> She is a sensitive person (I didn't say doctor), but she can seem  
> dismissive and sometimes it seems like she has her hand on the door  
> to leave too soon. She has referred him to specialists which have  
> been helpful sometimes, but I feel I've paid too many co-pays to  
> specialists (Children's hospital) that weren't necessary. My son  
> resisted potty training at 2.5years, and she prescribed high or  
> adult dosages for multiple laxatives, syrups, etc DAILY...not for  
> days but months, which turned to years, and delayed potty training  
> because it was too traumatic until he could go on his own (her  
> logic, but really you can't potty train somebody who is on so many  
> laxatives, he has no sense of control). So many meds were toxic,
>  causing vomiting and dehydration, so I decided to change the  
> regimen and she later agreed with me. But he still had to go to the  
> ER a few times and it wasn't until 2 years later that she agreed  
> with me that it wasn't physical (diet, allergies, etc) but  
> psychological, which is what I said from day 1. So finally, at  
> almost 5 years old, he is seeing a "poop psychiatrist" and starting  
> potty training.
> Actually, expressing this makes me realize I should also change  
> pediatricians. There is a lovely woman who we've seen several times,  
> older with long hair and a lot of patience. Unfortunately I do not  
> remember her name. Can anybody tell me who she is? My son warmed up  
> immediately to her every time we've seen her.
> I will say overall I'm not satisfied with the limited pediatric care  
> options with HUHS, as well as the necessary commute from Longwood  
> for even a flu shot, but thats the reality of being a student parent  
> with student health insurance. I took my son to Centre Pediatrics  
> from birth until age 2, when I changed to HUHS insurance. They are  
> at 1 Brookline Place and have an amazing caring professional  
> practice, in case anybody is interested.
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> Echoing concerns about the overreaction to jaundice --
> I found it was helpful to ask them to show you where your baby was  
> on the chart indicating normal range and at risk range -- while  
> showing us on the chart they realized that our baby was within  
> normal ranges so they stopped with the testing.  (stupid heel pricks)
> We also found Dr Dorrell insensitive during conversations and  
> exams.  (I also blamed it on hormones at the time.  But there will  
> probably be hormones involved after the birth of any baby...)
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