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Hi everyone,

I don't have experience with the UHS pediatricians because we have been
taking our daughter to an outside pediatrician since she was born.  I wanted
to make sure that everyone knew that this is an option with the student
health insurance, though it is pricey.  We had been on my husband's
insurance, but we continued to take her to the outside pediatrician even
after switching to the Harvard student health insurance (her dr. is Jack
Maypole at South End Community Health Center -- we adore him).  The
insurance plan allows for a certain number of well-child visits each year
(corresponding to the Am Academy of Pediatrics recommendations) as well as
10 sick visits.  The copay is high -- $35 -- and, obviously, there is a risk
that 10 sick visits is not going to be enough.  It seems like there are some
great options at UHS, but going outside is possible as well.


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> Regarding Dr Dorrell... The first few visits I felt she was not confident
> and was constantly checking her list of things to ask and seemed a little
> absent.  While she is quick in giving referrals to see specialists, I
> personally don't feel that comfortable with her.  She is a sensitive person
> (I didn't say doctor), but she can seem dismissive and sometimes it seems
> like she has her hand on the door to leave too soon. She has referred him to
> specialists which have been helpful sometimes, but I feel I've paid too many
> co-pays to specialists (Children's hospital) that weren't necessary. My son
> resisted potty training at 2.5years, and she prescribed high or adult
> dosages for multiple laxatives, syrups, etc DAILY...not for days but months,
> which turned to years, and delayed potty training because it was too
> traumatic until he could go on his own (her logic, but really you can't
> potty train somebody who is on so many laxatives, he has no sense of
> control). So many meds were toxic,
>  causing vomiting and dehydration, so I decided to change the regimen and
> she later agreed with me. But he still had to go to the ER a few times and
> it wasn't until 2 years later that she agreed with me that it wasn't
> physical (diet, allergies, etc) but psychological, which is what I said from
> day 1. So finally, at almost 5 years old, he is seeing a "poop psychiatrist"
> and starting potty training.
> Actually, expressing this makes me realize I should also change
> pediatricians. There is a lovely woman who we've seen several times, older
> with long hair and a lot of patience. Unfortunately I do not remember her
> name. Can anybody tell me who she is? My son warmed up immediately to her
> every time we've seen her.
> I will say overall I'm not satisfied with the limited pediatric care
> options with HUHS, as well as the necessary commute from Longwood for even a
> flu shot, but thats the reality of being a student parent with student
> health insurance. I took my son to Centre Pediatrics from birth until age 2,
> when I changed to HUHS insurance. They are at 1 Brookline Place and have an
> amazing caring professional practice, in case anybody is interested.
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> Echoing concerns about the overreaction to jaundice --
> I found it was helpful to ask them to show you where your baby was on the
> chart indicating normal range and at risk range -- while showing us on the
> chart they realized that our baby was within normal ranges so they stopped
> with the testing.  (stupid heel pricks)
> We also found Dr Dorrell insensitive during conversations and exams.  (I
> also blamed it on hormones at the time.  But there will probably be hormones
> involved after the birth of any baby...)
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