[Parentsgroup-list] Parentsgroup-list Digest, Vol 733, Issue 1 (Juliana Cohen)

Juliana Cohen jcohen at hsph.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 3 20:20:37 EST 2011

Dear Zeshawn,
  I second Kim's opinion.  We have been using Dr. Susan Holtzman quite happily for the past year.  My mom, who is a pediatrician, attended the first few appointments and noted how thorough Dr. Holtzman's examines were (and has agreed with Dr. Holtzman's judgement every time an issues has come up).  We have been so pleased with her that I'm actually taking that into account when looking into post-doc positions (since if I leave Harvard, we'd have to switch pediatricians...).
  Congratulations to you and your wife on the upcoming arrival of your baby!
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