[Parentsgroup-list] Dissertation assistance--reading?

spsuch spsuch at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 11:39:38 EST 2011

Hi all,

I think I would benefit from a second pair of eyes to read sections of  
my dissertation before I submit them to my advisor. There was a time  
when I had a writing group for this sort of thing, but they are all  
long graduated and now, when I finally have something for people to  
read, they are no longer around!

I don't need a professional (lord knows we weren't professionals, yet,  
in that writing group), and was wondering if there might be anyone on  
this list who has an over-educated spouse, possibly even one who has  
been through the dissertation process, who is home with the kids and  
might like to pick up a little work? The dissertation is in education,  
but any social science background would probably work. It is a  
qualitative study based on interviews, so no stats needed at all--just  
the ability to know when a good story with a tight through-line is  
being told!


Sara, HGSE


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