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We have a gently used, 2010 Pliko P3 for sale in a gender-neutral kiwi green
color. You can view the model
We are asking $100.

The P3 is a very attractive stroller with a generous sunshade,
umbrella-style fold, 5 recline positions, and detachable snack tray for the
child. We purchased this for travel, with the idea that a sturdy stroller
was necessary for grandparents with physical limitations. Indeed, my
mother-in-law with MS was able to enjoy pushing her grandson around, as was
my father, who walks with a cane. However, we have enjoyed using it for our
own purposes. The stroller is balanced to handle a lot of weight on the
handles, and has, for example, held all of our groceries and not tipped even
when we took the baby out. It did very well in the airport, and had no
problem fitting through the x-ray machines and going on to the gate. I have
traveled alone with my one-year-old son 3 times, and this stroller
definitely made the airport easier, especially since the snack tray folds up
with it and does not need to be removed, and it can be reclined flat for
sleeping. Shocks on all 4 wheels helps when navigating the mean streets of

This is a great stroller, but we do not have enough space to be a 2-stroller
family (we wrestled with which stroller to keep and are settling on our
jogging stroller). We hope this will be a great deal for a family who can
use a good stroller (we have only had it 4 months). I am happy to answer any



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