[Parentsgroup-list] nanny suggestions

Ian Stokes-Rees ijstokes at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Sep 1 22:44:24 EDT 2010

On 9/1/10 4:35 PM, Michelle Forman wrote:
> I am tentatively embarking on a search for a nanny or nanny share for
> my three year old son. If anyone has suggestions I would be most
> appreciative.

We just finished this process.  I found the single most useful single
source of information was:


When I saw how complicated it was going to be to sort out a contract,
get an EIN, workers comp insurance, tax filing, etc. I went to some
nanny agencies hoping one of them would do everything for me -- I'd pay
the agency monthly, they'd make sure someone showed up at the agreed
times.  No such luck.  The agencies screen the candidates and advance
people who match your requirements, but everything else is on you.  I
didn't feel that was worth the $1500 to $3000 they charge.

We found our Nanny through boston.craigslist.com in Community/Childcare:


I later found out about "barefootstudent", which I'd try as well ('tho
there is a $25 fee to contact candidates) if we need a part time nanny
(some are available F/T).

Nanny's generally talk about hourly rates and what they mean is their
"take home" pay.  We were hoping to find someone for about $15 an hour
(although I know some families in the area who manage to find a nanny at
$12 an hour).  The person we've ended up with wanted $17 an hour, which
meant $20 declared, and after the employer taxes/deductions, we're
paying $22 an hour.  Ouch.  Basically 100% of my wife's postdoc salary
pays for our nanny.

I hope you find someone quickly and easily for a good rate and who is a
good match for you and your son.



PS - It seems many people pay nannys under the table (i.e. don't declare
them, and the Nanny doesn't pay taxes, thus making it appear they are
unemployed and in a lower income braket, so eligible for more social
assistance).  The IRS estimates that 2/3rds of all families do this.  It
is tax evasion and illegal, and I think it is incredible how educated,
professional people who can afford a nanny get up in arms about someone
stealing a $100 GPS (e.g. this just happened to me), but are prepared to
knowingly defraud the government of thousands of dollars of tax revenue.

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