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I recently took my daughter, Nora (almost 3 years old), to one of the
pediatric dentists at Dental Services PC.  Specifically, Nora saw Dr. Sally
Hua.  I liked her a lot.  She has a child who is about 2 years old now.  Dr.
Hua did a good job of making the visit fun and non-threatening for Nora
while still providing a lot of good information and doing a thorough job of
cleaning Nora's teeth.  At the end, she gave Nora a new toothbrush and some
"big girl" fluoride toothpaste.  She also made Nora a balloon animal, which
was kind of fun.  The practice is between Harvard and Porter Squares, right
on Mass Ave, and the pediatric dentists have Saturday hours, which is pretty
nice.  Their number is 617-492-1040 and their website is


While I particularly appreciated this practice for a younger child, I'm sure
that they would do a good job with older children as well.



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Need a good dentist referral for my 9 year old daughter.  We live in
Cambridge.  Thanks.  Leonor  

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