[Parentsgroup-list] issue with UHS registration for dependents? (Mara Willard)

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Thu Nov 18 15:13:35 EST 2010

Hi Mara,

While everything has always worked out for me in the end, I have never  
been happy with the lack of communication from HUHS vis-a-vis the  
enrollment of dependents. The system is set up so that I have to  
remember to contact them rather than their sending me a renewal  
notice, as all other insurance I'm familiar with, including my own  
policy with HUHS, does. Luckily, often someone on this list has often  
posted a reminder!

Also, this year, I sent in the renewal form and crossed it off my to- 
do list. I found out later, by chance, that my daughter's coverage had  
(or was about to?) expire. I had never been billed for her coverage,  
but since I had put it out of my mind once I sent in the enrollment  
letter, I hadn't noticed this to follow up with them. When I did  
follow up, they said they had never received the enrollment form. I  
sent in another form (this must have all been back in August) and was  
just billed for it now on my November student billing (luckily I was  
billed since i had once again put it out of my mind and wouldn't have  
thought to follow up--you'd think once burned twice shy or something  
like that, but not with this busy mom!).

I have no idea if this is similar to the issues you've had, but if you  
can talk to someone who can do something about anything, I would  
certainly put in my vote for their sending out a letter or email at  
the appropriate times to current enrollees reminding them to reenroll.



On Nov 18, 2010, at 2:25 PM, Kimberly Bertrand wrote:

> Hi Mara,
> I have had no issues at all with getting my son enrolled, either  
> while I was on the student plan or now on the employee plan, and in  
> fact, have been very impressed with communications with Member  
> Services.  I hope you just had bad luck and the next time you will  
> get a more knowledgeable person on the phone.  In addition, I would  
> suggest you contact Member Services directly rather than UHS.
> Good luck,
> Kim
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> Have other parents had frustrations with the quality of  
> communication from UHS
> regarding the re-enrollment period for dependents, or been unable to  
> get a
> child enrolled?
> If so please send me an email since I'm talking to deans about this  
> issue.
> Thanks, Mara (G7) - mwillard at fas.harvard.edu
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