[Parentsgroup-list] Looking for a sublet in Cambridge over winter break

Manjari Chatterjee Miller mchatter at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 10 11:45:49 EST 2010

Dear All,

My parents-in-law are visiting us from the 24th of Dec to the 29th of Dec.
We were wondering if anybody will be away during that period and willing to
sublet their apartment to them for those 6 days. We live in Cambridge near
the Weeks footbridge on Mem Drive and would love something within walking
distance. And we figured subletting would be cheaper than paying for a hotel
for 5 nights.

For the record, my in laws are over 65, definitely NOT party animals and are
obsessive about being clean and tidy. They will leave your place in as good
if not better shape than you left it in.

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