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Thanks Joy-
What a great name you have (it is one of our favorite girl names!).

Yes, those were the rates I was looking at- others had told me they were
ridiculously overpriced and I should expect to pay about $900 per month, so
I was confused about the huge discrepancy. Since price is an issue for us,
we will have to look for alternative centers or in-home options. Any advice
from anyone on the list serve would be greatly appreciated- we will likely
need care starting at 3 months old in December 2010.

Thanks again,

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 3:38 PM, Joy Geren <joygeren at gmail.com> wrote:

> Have you looked at www.childcare.harvard.edu/pdf/ratecard.pdf ?
> You can call individual centers and ask if they have any need based
> scholarships. Keep in mind that the infant room has the highest ratio
> of caregivers to children and, hence, costs the most. A couple other
> things to consider. If you haven't already applied it is unlikely you
> will get into any of the centers for this year. Also, if your baby is
> born in September he/she can't attend the first few months of the
> contract (most centers start at age 3 months) but you would have to
> pay for those months to hold the spot since they operate on a 12-month
> contract.
> I ended up getting a spot mid-year for my 6-month-old from a family
> that changed their minds about the mom going back to work. I have
> heard that has worked for others as well, just calling at the time you
> need care and seeing if there is an opening for some reason. We were
> very happy with the Harvard affiliated center. It costs a lot for
> infant care, but those first months are critical for development so it
> is well worth getting quality care (do I give myself away as a
> Developmental Psychologist?).
> Congrats!
> -Joy
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> Joy Geren, Ph.D.
> Laboratory for Developmental Studies
> Department of Psychology
> Harvard University
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