[Parentsgroup-list] Harvard Child Care Rates

Joy Geren joygeren at gmail.com
Wed May 26 15:38:05 EDT 2010

Have you looked at www.childcare.harvard.edu/pdf/ratecard.pdf ?

You can call individual centers and ask if they have any need based
scholarships. Keep in mind that the infant room has the highest ratio
of caregivers to children and, hence, costs the most. A couple other
things to consider. If you haven't already applied it is unlikely you
will get into any of the centers for this year. Also, if your baby is
born in September he/she can't attend the first few months of the
contract (most centers start at age 3 months) but you would have to
pay for those months to hold the spot since they operate on a 12-month

I ended up getting a spot mid-year for my 6-month-old from a family
that changed their minds about the mom going back to work. I have
heard that has worked for others as well, just calling at the time you
need care and seeing if there is an opening for some reason. We were
very happy with the Harvard affiliated center. It costs a lot for
infant care, but those first months are critical for development so it
is well worth getting quality care (do I give myself away as a
Developmental Psychologist?).


Joy Geren, Ph.D.
Laboratory for Developmental Studies
Department of Psychology
Harvard University

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