[Parentsgroup-list] Harvard Child Care Rates

Rebecca Hammond hambecky at gmail.com
Wed May 26 14:57:50 EDT 2010

Hello parents,

My husband is a graduate student in the BBS program at HMS, and we are
expecting out first child in September.
I started looking into the rates of infant care at the Harvard-affiliated
and Longwood/MGH-affiliated child care centers and the prices seem to range
from $1700-$2400 per month. A friend of mine at McClain said the rate there
was $1500 and everyone said it was overpriced, and they had heard the rate
at MGH was $900/month (on the website it is listed at $1595).

Does anyone have any info about the "real" rates for these centers for
Harvard Grad students?
Also, if anyone has any recommendations about any of these centers, or info
on which centers have long waiting lists, that would really help us figure
out our options.

Thanks so much!!!
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