[Parentsgroup-list] Incredible nanny needing some extra hours this summer

Jessica Hartman Jacobs jhartman at hsph.harvard.edu
Sun May 23 19:43:38 EDT 2010

Hello parents,

I will be going on maternity leave this summer, starting June 28th to
September and I would like to help our nanny pick up some hours with another
family. My parents are moving into the apartment below us for July and
August so while we are still going to have her come and take care of our
almost 2 year old a bit to keep up their friendship we can't use her help as
much as we do now.

So...that is a wonderful opportunity for a very lucky family out there! I
can't sing Carolina's praises enough. She has a very perfect blend of social
and book intelligence and is a huge personality that fills up the room with
positive energy. She is from Costa Rica, came to the states as an au pair
for a family that has 3 kids (one of whom has cerebal palsy). She worked for
them for many years and then started going back to school for a MS in family
counseling, which was her original reason for coming to the states. Her
english is perfect but she speaks spanish with our son, which has been
really remarkable to watch now that he's becoming more verbal. Carolina has
been universally loved by all the families she has worked for and I know
they would all love to have her still work for them.

Carolina truly enjoys being with our son and it shows. She is an outdoorsy
person and loves to be on the go with our son. It is a rarity that they are
at home, even on rainy days she takes him out and about. She has taught my
husband and I some valuable lessons about parenting and she is absolutely
incredible at communicating and organization. As a bonus she helps with the
laundry and I always come home to a spotless play space and kitchen. She
also is a fantastic cook and is great about introducing our son to new
flavors and spices.

So here is the tricky part, Carolina needs to fill in some kooky combination
of hours due to our schedule and the fact that she starts school again the
second week of August. She would like to find as many hours as possible from
June 28 to August 9th. I would like to still have her come once a week in
the morning to keep some continuity for our son and to introduce our new
little guy to her but which morning would be entirely flexible. On
Wednesdays she works all day for another family. So that means she would
need 3.5 days a week of work from June 28 to August 9th.

Then from August 9th to the end of August she needs about 15 hours a week
(she will be going back to school and doing her internship but can be
flexible). Come September we are flexible. I would ideally have her work a
few days a work for us since I'm still on maternity leave and to ramp
everyone into a better routine.

I really can't sing her praises enough. We had 2 other nannies before
Carolina and she has set the bar so high that I'm not sure I'll ever be able
to hire someone else! She and our son have such an incredible bond. She
takes him to a class at Isis and the woman who teaches it jokingly said she
was going to try and steal her from me in a few years when she gets

Carolina also has her own car and could drive wherever.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions as I would be very
happy to help her find a great family to work with this summer.


Jessica Hartman Jacobs
ScD Candidate, Epidemiology
Harvard School of Public Health
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